Mooer GE1000 Amp Modelling & Multi

Mooer GE1000 Amp Modelling & Multi, Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar and Bass, Huge selection of guitar effects, preamps simulations with support MNRS sample files, Effects signal chain fully adjustable modifiable, High quality 5 inch touchscreen intuitive user interface, 255 User presets, Groove station a drum machine a looper sync function, AI controlled automatic equaliser, Professional low latency ASIO USB audio (USB Type C) up to 192 kHz rate,


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McDSP SA 3 Spectral Processor Native

McDSP SA 3 Spectral Processor Native (ESD); spectral processor plugin; removes unwanted resonances and spikes from the audio signal utilising over 1000 bands; precisely adjustable bias curve determines intensity of processing in various frequency user friendly GUI with metering to visualize curve, suppressed or processed output signal; monitor allows to listen to isolated side chain function targeted attenuation of components depending on key mid


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Cherry Audio Harmonia

Cherry Audio Harmonia, Virtual Synthesizer (Download), Innovative synthesis concept for creating complex and dynamically evolving polyphonic sounds via an intuitive user interface, Two sample based oscillators interpolated harmonic scanning technology with similarities to additive synthesis, Carefully selected library 285 samples in 11 categories, Import your samples, Dual audio path: most waveform stereo natural width organic feel multiple stacked


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Microsoft Windows Server 2019 RDS 5 User CAL

Windows Server 2019 RDS 5 User CAL Les services de bureau à distance permettent aux utilisateurs d'accéder à des bureaux basés sur sessions, à ordinateurs virtuels ou à applications dans le centre de données, au sein d'un réseau d'entreprise ou via Internet. de à (RDS) prennent en charge la connexion sécurisée distants périphériques gérés ou non gérés. Pour utiliser Remote Server, vous avez besoin de deux types de licences. Il s'agit


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Hollyland Solidcom C1 (Pro) Battery

Hollyland Solidcom C1 (Pro) Battery, Lithium Polymer For C1 PRO C1@ Note on disposal: Due to the Act (BattG), you as end user are obliged to return all used batteries rechargeable batteries.@ Disposal via household waste is not permitted!@ Batteries containing harmful substances labelled with symbol of a crossed out dustbin chemical (Cd = cadmium; Hg = mercury; Pb = lead) of heavy metal that is relevant for classification.@ Used can be returned free


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Fender Mustang LT25 Blonde

"Fender Mustang LT25 Blonde, Combo for Electric Guitar, Limited Edition, Power: 25 W, Equipped with: 1 x 8"" speaker, New signal processor, 50 Factory presets, 30 User Controls Gain, Volume, Treble, Bass, Master, Preset select, Buttons: Back, Save, Menu, Tap Tempo Tuner, 20 Amp types, 25 Effects, USB port recording and firmware updates, Stereo aux input, Headphone output, Colour: Blonde"


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Flamma FX150B Multi FX

Flamma FX150 Multi FX, effect pedal with rechargeable battery for electric guitar, With large touchscreen and battery, 160 Classic & modern high quality effects & AMP simulation models, 180 Editable user slots, 30 Different cabinet amp emulations, 80 Drum machine & 10 metronome variations, Fully functioning 52 seconds Looper, Chromatic Tuner, 3 Footswitches, AUX input, USB audio interface connectivity PC editing direct recording to computer, Headphone


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Efnote Pro 700 Standard E Drum Set

"Efnote Pro 700 Standard E Drum Set, E Ideal for use on large stages churches in the studio, 6 Ply birch wood shell@ *Drum Module:*, Four colour touch screen display, 15 Preset drum sets, 20 User kits, 167 High resolution multilayer samples, Bus Mixer, 3 Band EQ, Compressor, Master EQ compressor, Tuning muffling, Metronome@ *Stage Box:*, Up to 15 pads connectable in total, 12 Digital balanced analogue outputs, 2x Line 6.3 mm jack, unbalanced, 1 Stereo


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Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020 OEM (1 User perpetual) Windows

Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020 OEM (1 User perpetual) Windows est la dernière version de bureau d'Acrobat avec une licence perpétuelle. Il simplifie les tâches PDF quotidiennes et offre de nombreuses améliorations de productivité pour travailler des fichiers sur appareils de bureau. Configuration requise : Processeur : processeur Intel® ou AMD ; 1,5 GHz ou plus Mémoire : 2 Go de RAM Disque dur : au moins 4,5 Go d'espace disque libre Écran :


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Roland SPD 20 Pro BK Octapad

Roland SPD 20 Pro BK Octapad, Percussion Pad, Black model, With 8 rubber playing surfaces, 900 Sounds, 100 Preset kits, User Various sound editing options such as tuning, muting or attack, 5 Different ambience types, Kit EQ, compressor, Multi effects, chain, 2 Main outputs: 6.3 mm jack, 1 Headphone output: mm stereo 1 Line input: mm Stereo USB Memory, MIDI in out, Footswitch input, 4 Additional trigger inputs plus additional hi hat controller Based


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